InSights by The Training Academy: Broadening Horizons in Construction, Wellness, and Education

Dive into InSights – the hub where The Training Academy shares its wealth of knowledge. From mastering the art of working at heights in construction to the intricacies of workplace wellness, down to the foundational stones of basic education skills – we cover it all.

Delving Deep with Our InSights:

🔍 Construction Mastery: With articles penned by industry veterans, delve deep into the realm of construction, especially our forte: Working at Heights.

🌱 Workplace Wellness: Nurturing a holistic approach to work isn’t just about physical safety. Discover articles dedicated to mental well-being, stress management, and creating harmonious work environments.

📘 Education Fundamentals: Everyone deserves a strong educational foundation. Our articles in this category explore the importance of basic skills, and how they set the stage for future learning and success.

Your Knowledge Partner in Diverse Domains

In a world where inter-disciplinary knowledge is invaluable, The Training Academy’s InSights ensures you’re well-equipped across multiple spectrums. From on-site construction nuances to the soft skills required in workplace wellness, and the foundational strength of basic educational skills – we’ve got you covered.

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Dive in below to explore our diverse range of articles and elevate your knowledge.

Mental Wellness

A Wellness Journey

Wellness is something that we all should be striving for in our day-to-day lives, yet it is not a topic of conversation that we often hear

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Scaffold history Cape Town

The history of Scaffolding

Scaffolding is a fundamental tool that has been used in construction and repair work for centuries. This temporary structure provides support and access to workers and

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Self-care hacks

Self-care is a term that we are seeing everywhere these days, especially on social media, but what does this actually mean and why is it so

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Working at heights

Working at heights can be a dangerous task, especially in South Africa where safety regulations may not always be strictly enforced. However, it is crucial for

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